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first commit

I've started this website on a whim, but not a completely unsubstantiated one. I thought it would be a cool project but I was also looking for a job at the time, so I created it to avoid making a LinkedIn profile - being aware of the fact that the site was becoming another Facebook. There were also other reasons...

In May of last year I'd found myself locked out of my Facebook account. "We have locked your account for misconduct according to our terms of services", the login page said. I had requested a review and immediately received an SMS with an activation code. After submitting it I could login again, but couldn't message my friends over Messenger. The messages would get sent, but they wouldn't be received. The only hint would appear only if I reloaded the page, that being a red box under the header with my profile picture saying "Messenger is currently unavailable". As I didn't have other points of contact with many of my acquaintances back then, I panicked a little. Messenger would start working later in the week, as I guess my request had been manually processed by a Facebook employee, but my faith in Facebook was lost by that time.


The reason I'm writing out all this is because I believe everyone should have their own website, not just because anyone can get locked out of their favourite main platform, but because relying on, say, Instagram to only share your photos with people you want, for free, is borderline retarded. Also the fact that I can say retarded without considering the stance of a platform towards that word is incredibly freeing. I know most people are fine with using social media sites. They're convenient, I get it, but hopefully someone reading this will make a site thanks to these words.