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I'm on Mastodon, join me!

You can now find me on Mastodon. If you're not there yet, I personally won't try to convince you to create an account. On the other hand, I recommend you at least read this article (3min read) that goes over some of the motivations for using a federated social network:

And that’s the strength of using open web protocols. When you decide
to switch to Mastodon, you’re not just gambling on the success of one
project. You can be certain that regardless what happens with Mastodon,
the network will live on and flourish. Newer and better software will
be born within this ecosystem, but you will never have to drag all
your friends and followers someplace else again–they’ll already be
where they need to be.

If your interests aren't technology-adjacent, you may have a hard time finding users with these interests, this was simillar with Reddit in the beginning, but already now there is enough critical mass to at least get a politics or visual art feed going that you can browse every day for new content.

Mastodon is open source, which has many advantages, but for a social netork I find the biggest advantage to be the cogniscence of other open standards by the developers. This allows Mastodon to play nicely with e.g. RSS.

P.S: here's my handle, you've earned it: @sponge5@mastodon.pirati.cz