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I'm a freelance software developer with 2 years of work experience and 8+ years of programming experience. My main focus is in embedded software with a hint of DevOps & Linux. I'm available at for business inquiries and on Mastodon for all else. Currently working for Photonic Technologies s.r.o..


Jan 2021 - Now: Photonic Technologies s.r.o.

Mainly developing bare-metal and Arduino firmware for in-house designed electronics. Other than firmware I've dabbled in developing a custom Linux distro using Yocto, a NodeJS module for communicating with our firmware, pushed and helped the team to move our development data (KiCad and electrical schemas) from Microsoft Teams to a GitLab instance.

Our electronics drive most of RBC Group-designed machines (now Bright Blue).


(No degree) Oct 2016 - Jun 2020: Czech Technical University, Open Informatics - Computer science

Designed and programmed a chess game in Java, solved algorithmic problems, developed a custom network layer and an embedded UI application in C, dabbled with threads in C/C++ on Linux, scripted in Bash and Python and dabbled in Lisp and Haskell. Trained classification models in PyTorch, scraped websites using BeautifulSoup and played with data in Pandas. Created lab reports in LaTeX, did way too much m*th and fell in love with Vim & Archlinux.

Sep 2008 - Jun 2016: Gymnázium nad Štolou

Learned about relational databases, sorting algorighms and programmed a simplified Magic the Gathering CLI game in C++.


Technology (A graphical representation)

H Apprentice ApprenticeJourneyman JourneymanMaster Master

G Technology TechnologyTools ToolsTechnology->Tools SDK SDKTechnology->SDK Systems SystemsTechnology->Systems Languages LanguagesTechnology->Languages Web Web &DevOpsTechnology->Web Git GitTools->Git FFMPEG FFMPEGTools->FFMPEG Gimp GimpTools->Gimp Sphinx SphinxTools->Sphinx Nikola NikolaTools->Nikola PulseView PulseViewTools->PulseView Graphviz GraphvizTools->Graphviz GNU GNUSDK->GNU ESPIDF ESP-IDFSDK->ESPIDF Arduino ArduinoSDK->Arduino STM32Cube STM32CubeSDK->STM32Cube Make MakeGNU->Make GDB GDBGNU->GDB GCC GCCGNU->GCC Linux LinuxSystems->Linux YoctoOE Yocto ProjectOpenEmbeddedSystems->YoctoOE CMake CMakeSystems->CMake LaTeX LaTeXSystems->LaTeX C CLanguages->C Python PythonLanguages->Python CPP C++Languages->CPP Java JavaLanguages->Java CommonLisp CommonLispLanguages->CommonLisp Haskell HaskellLanguages->Haskell Tex TexLanguages->Tex HTML5 HTML5Languages->HTML5 CSS CSSLanguages->CSS SQL SQLLanguages->SQL JavaScript JavaScriptLanguages->JavaScript Dot DotLanguages->Dot AVRLibc AVR LibcC->AVRLibc CURL CURLC->CURL FreeRTOS FreeRTOSC->FreeRTOS TMCAPI TMC-APIC->TMCAPI Numpy NumpyPython->Numpy Pandas PandasPython->Pandas BeautifulSoup BeautifulSoupPython->BeautifulSoup PyTorch PyTorchPython->PyTorch Setuptools SetuptoolsPython->Setuptools PThread PThreadCPP->PThread OpenMP OpenMPCPP->OpenMP JavaFX JavaFXJava->JavaFX NodeJS NodeJSJavaScript->NodeJS Apache2 Apache2Web->Apache2 MySQL MySQLWeb->MySQL Docker DockerWeb->Docker GitLab GitLabWeb->GitLab


  • Czech (Native)

  • Slovak (Native)

  • English (C1)

  • French (A2)


  • Handy with a Multimeter, Logic probes \w PulseView and a Rohde & Schwartz Oscilloscope

  • Own a driver's license (type B) and a car

  • Vim, Archlinux

  • Prague native - I know places


  • Piano, violin (4 years of formal education) & a bit of guitar

  • Films

  • Cooking, sometimes baking

  • Slackline, Indoors Climbing, Cycling, Swimming, Running

  • Football (5 years at Dukla Prague youth, age 9-14)

  • Counter-Strike (hit Czech top 150 on between years 2017-2018)

Some tech I'm interested in

Mainly things I've heard good things about but haven't gotten around to play with yet

  • WebAssembly

  • SQLite

  • Rust

  • Zephyr

  • RISC-V

  • NFS