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Yocto is in essence a bunch of environment variables structured nicely and a few tasks that manipulate them. But it's also feature-rich and mature, making it the de-facto standard build-system for Embedded Linux.

I offer 1to1 consultation services for this complicated but ultimately intuitive system builder.


I'll walk you through the standard tooling packaged with Yocto and how to use it.

  • Some Linux knowledge required

  • Your own Linux machine required (the more RAM and cores, the better)

  • 600CZK/hr (build times excluded)


Most of the time, if you're experiencing resistance with Yocto, you're not using it in a way it was designed for. But if you're still lost, don't be afraid to contact me and I might be of help.

  • 800CZK/hr


I'm mainly experienced in userspace, but I can also be of help when troubleshooting drivers and dealing with the Device Tree.

  • 800CZK/hr


Architecture consulting

I have experience with architecting and implementing software applications with a master Linux machine and one or multiple slave devices ranging from 8-bit AVRs to 32-bit ESP's and STM's. I'm capable of pointing out weaknesses in your architecture that you may have missed.

  • 2000CZK/hr

Circuit troubleshooting

Is your setup not working as designed? I can troubleshoot some basic electronic interfaces (UART, I2C, SPI)

  • 800CZK/hr