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Services I offer

DISCLAIMER: I do not offer services to companies in the medical industry

To solicit my services, use


I can consult you about creating a website, getting a domain and putting your website on a hosting service. Also I'll tell you about the importance of RSS.

Pick one or multiple:

  • 500CZK for a 1to1 hour-long presentation

  • 300CZK/hr for 1to1 hands-on workshop (2-4hrs)

  • 400CZK/hr for further consultations

Arch Linux Power-User Guide (In-person only)

I believe the command line is the optimal way to use computers. The learning curve is steep at first and I can help you get over this hump.

  • Bring your laptop, we also install Linux together

  • 100CZK/hr (or you can pay my beers during the training)


Do you want to run Linux or other open OSes on any hardware you can think of? Yocto is the way. I offer 1to1 consultation services for this complicated but ultimately intuitive system builder.

  • Some Linux knowledge required

  • Your own Linux machine required (the more RAM and cores, the better)

  • 600CZK/hr (build times excluded)

Handyman for the elderly/handicapped (Prague-Holešovice)

Česky zde

I can do simple electrical work, troubleshoot your appliances, put together furniture or put your shelves up.